Sungsan E&C succeeded in localization in accelerator field.


Regarding the high power amplifiers that are involved in the heavy-ion accelerators, a lack of semiconductor technology and that of power combining technology lead to the dependence on overseas technology.

Sungsan E&C succeeded in localization in accelerator field. - Sungsan Electronic

Since, however, SUNGSAN E&C took part in the development project of the Korean heavy-ion accelerator which was the national industry, called ‘RAON’ in 2012, SUNGSAN E&C had focused on developing the localized heavy-ion accelerator as a matter of priority.

Through 5 years developmental period and abundant knowledge accumulated, SUNGSAN E&C finally developed and announced the successful localization of the 80kW heavy-ion accelerator on June 27th 2016.
In addition to 80kW heavy-ion accelerator, SUNGSAN E&C has developed heavy-ion accelerators of 81.25MHz 5kW, 20kW, 162.5MHz 6kW, 7kW and 320MHz 20kW simultaneously.
In conclusion, what SUNGSAN E&C has done has contributed a great deal to the localization of the Korean heavy-ion accelerator.

Among them, Model Number AS81R25SP80000 is the localized heavy-ion accelerator that has been optimized to deliver greatly increased efficiency using high power.
More specifically, this accelerator operates from 80.25MHz to 82.25MHz with POUT 80kW.
Typical Second Harmonic and Third Harmonic values are -40dBc for the former and -30dBc for the latter. In terms of the efficiency, it has approximately 60% of efficiency.

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