First order of broadband high power amplifiers for EMC testing


In February, 2015, Sungsan E&C entered into a distributorship agreement with a Korean test equipment rental, sale and repair services provider Sambow Adtech Korea to penetrate into the Korean RF power amplifier market for EMC testing.

First order of broadband high power amplifiers for EMC testing - Sungsan Electronic

Through both companies' hard efforts since then, Sungsan E&C finally got orders from EMC testing laboratories for 12 units of amplifiers for Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) source and for another 14 units of amplifiers for Radiated Susceptibility(RS) source.

EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) testing is a test to measure the electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by an electrical device and the susceptibility of a product to electromagnetic interference from other sources. For most electronic and electrical products, EMC compliance is mandatory.

Sungsan E&C got those orders of amplifiers for EMC testing because compared to imported counterparts, they could develop reasonably priced but better quality 80~1000MHz, 1000~3000MHz and 2500~6000MHz amplifiers necessary for EMC RS test through decades-long accumulated experience and technology in broadband high power amplifiers by development and supply of broadband high power amplifiers to Empower, USA.

Sungsan E&C designs and manufactures RF amplifiers and its particular specialty is broadband high power amplifiers that cover broad frequency ranges.

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