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Special Purpose Amplifier

Special Amplifier is designed for the special purpose like “Radar”.

Generally, as it is able to communicate with upper systems, it contains functions, such as monitoring and operation through RS485 and Ethernet.

In addition, it has been developed to boost various sources of forms that are fit on the customer's system specification as linearly as possible.

It is the amplifier with optimized specification, which is designed in cooperation with the customer. Just contact us, if you need the amplifier for special purpose.


ModelFrequency (MHz)Power
Operating Voltage
Start Stop 
M9296SP3009200960030040220 x 150 x 41 

M2932SP2002900320020032210 x 150 x 27  s
M9095SP60900095006040, 28 
M2931SP3202900310032030200 x 320 x 95 
M0408SP304708063050260 x 430 x 33 
M0408SP13047080613050260 x 430 x 33 
M2224SP222002400224111.5 x 152.4 x 31.75 s
M1116JP80/80116416108028216 x 144 x 24.5  s
M2258JP80/80228058758028230 x 184 x 24.5  s
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