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Performance Verification Systems

performance verification system of SUNGSAN E&C is the Amplifier Group, which can be used as a source one to evaluate RF performance

Since it has minimum output power 10 Watt to Maximum 500 Watt at a wide frequency range from 20 MHz to maximum 11 GHz, it enables customers to implement high-power test and performance evaluation. It, for instance, can be used for the performance evaluation of RF passive component or RF burning test and component evaluation.

performance verification system

ModelFrequency (MHz)Power (W)TypeApplicationSpecification
SU205BP802052080Portable / Rack MountBoosting
SU210BP5020100050Portable /  Rack MountBoosting
S0810GP5008001000500Rack MountBoosting
S0527BP1005002700100Portable /  Rack MountBoosting
TS0727BP2507002700250Rack MountSource + Boosting
S0360BDP25/10300600025&10Rack Mount2 channel Boosting
S1822GP50018002200500Rack MountBoosting
TS2458BBP0.1240058000.1Rack MountBi-Directional Boosting
S2527GP50025002700500Rack MountBoosting
S2735BP20027003500200Rack MountBoosting
S3436GP50034003600500Rack MountBoosting
S5060BP505000600050Portable /  Rack MountBoosting
S9011BP1090001100010Portable /  Rack MountBoosting
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