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EMC Test Systems

EMC Test Systems of SUNGSAN E&C which has begun 2015 is RF amplifiers Systems that is for some tests using high output power signal in EMC certified company, University and Institutes.

ES series, which SUNGSAN E&C’s accumulated broadband technology has been applied, is able to remotely control using IEEE-488, Ethernet and so on. In addition, according to Option, it can be operated separately by Touch LCD.

Based on 5U, 19inch type RF systems can be supplied up to 500Watt.
In terms of Rack mounted type, it is able to be operated as 1 input Multi Output structure, which means expansion of the maximum frequency is possible.


EMC Test System

EMC Test System - SUNGSAN


  • 50 ohm input / output impedance
  • Built in Over power limit and Protection functions
  • Gain Linearity by Auto Gain Control
  • Remote control : IEEE-488, Ethernet, RS-485
  • High reliability and rugged design
  • Built in control, monitoring and protection functions



  • Automated Production Test
  • R&D Bench Test
  • RF components Test
  • RF Burn-In
  • Antenna Power Aging
  • Broad Band booster Amplifiers
  • And more!!



Ref.▷ Amplifier
▷ 19inch – 3U / 5U / 7U
▷ RS-232 (D-sub 9 pin)
▷ AC Power Switch
▷ RF Switch
-. Amp array
-. Shelf housing set
-. Control Box
-. Power Breaker
-. Toggle switch
□ HPA on-off
□ Temperature Alarm
□ Over Current Alarm
□ Voltage Alarm
Option #1▷ Control : GPIB(IEE-488)-. GPIB set□ #Ref. base
□ Remote control HPA on/off
□ Address modify
Option #2▷ LCD Touch Panel
▷ Abnormal status indication & Self - appraisal
-. LCD Assy
-. Self – abnormality
detection circuit
□ #Ref. base
□ FWD/REV Monitoring
□ VSWR Alarm
□ Load abnormal detection
□ Interlock control
Control the system by touching LCD Panel
 Enhanced the protection & Interlock control
; Low VSWR
; Over FWD Power limit control
; Over RVS Power limit control 
All-inclusive▷ AGC mode-. Auto Gain control module□ #Ref+1+2 base
□ Control AGC mode on/off
ModelFrequency (MHz)Power(W)Operating Voltage(V)Size(mm)NoteSpecification
ESU205BP10020500100  Rack Mount 
ESU205BP15020500150  Rack Mount 
ESU205BP25020500250  Rack Mount 
ESU205BP50020500500100 or 240 VAC310.5 x 441 x 602.5Rack Mount 
ESU205BP1000205001000  Rack Mount 
ESU210BP100201000100  Rack Mount 
ESU210BP150201000150  Rack Mount 
ESU210BP250201000250  Rack Mount 
ESU210BP500201000500100 or 240 VAC310.5 x 441 x 602.5Rack Mount 
ESU210BP10002010001000  Rack Mount 
ESU810BP100801000100  Rack Mount 
ESU810BP150801000150  Rack Mount 
ESU810BP250801000250  Rack Mount 
ESU810BP500801000500100 or 240 VAC310.5 x 441 x 602.5Rack Mount 
ESU810BP10008010001000  Rack Mount 
ES1030BP10010003000100100 or 240 VAC133.5 x 441 x 602.5Rack Mount 
ES1030BP15010003000150  Rack Mount 
ES1030BP25010003000250100 or 240 VAC221.5 x 441 x 602.5Rack Mount 
ES1030BP50010003000500  Rack Mount 
ES1030BP75010003000750  Rack Mount 
ES1060BP10010006000100  Rack Mount 
ES3060BP353000600035100 or 240 VAC133.5 x 441 x 600Rack Mount 
ES3060BP603000600060100 or 240 VAC133.5 x 441 x 600Rack Mount 
ES3060BP10030006000100100 or 240 VAC221.5 x 441 x 600Rack Mount 
ES3060BP20030006000200  Rack Mount 
ES3060BP35030006000350  Rack Mount 


Cavity Filter
ModelTypeFrequency (MHz)Power (W)Insertion Loss
(Max, dB)
Return Loss
(Min, dB)
Isolation / RejectionSpecification
(Band Reject Filter)
72675650  50dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
2110217010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
1920198010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
1805188010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
1710178510  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
2620269010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
2500257010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
92596010  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
88091510  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
79182110  70dB min.
(Band Reject Filter)
83286210  70dB min.


Directional Coupler
ModelFrequency (MHz)Power (W)Coupling (dB)Insertion (Max, dB)VSWR (Max)Directivity (Min. dB)Specification
DCU210P1000-60201000100060.0 ± 1.50.351.25 : 120.0
DC1030P1000-4010003000100040 ± 1.00.301.35 : 115.0
DC3060P300-403000600030040 ± 1.50.351.3 : 115.0
operation manual iconESU810BP500 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 SSA502 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 Download 
operation manual iconES1025BP350 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 SSA514 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 Download 
operation manual iconES1030BP250 Operational Manual_Eng_Rev 1.0 SSA514 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 Download 
operation manual iconES2560BP35 Operational Manual_Eng. Rev 1.0 SSA514 Operating Manual Ver 1.0 Download 
 download icon2018 EMC Catalog 2018 EMC Catalog Download 
 download icon2016 EMC Catalog 2017 EMC Catalog Download 
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