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Sungsan E&C is the RF Leader in Korea and Export-oriented Company

    RF Power Amplifiers | Sungsan E&C - Sungsan Electronic

    RF Power Amplifier

    Since the establishment in 2001,

    SUNGSAN E&C has been developing various Amplifiers using GaN device and producing HPA every year through systematic and innovative technology development and accumulated knowledge.

    Furthermore, SUNGSAN E&C has developed not only solid state power Amplifier, but also built environment for shelf type system Amplifier as well as having focused on RF component, such as Filter, Combiner, Directional Coupler and so on.
    Since 2010, in an effort to shift their focus from amplifier modules to amplifier systems, SUNGSAN E&C has been successfully proposing broadband high power amplifier solutions for EMC testing and heavy-ion accelerator fields.

    Today, SUNGSAN E&C has become a global leading company in solid state high power amplifiers in the wireless communications, EMC testing and accelerator industries.
    SUNGSAN E&C is able to provide the best solution to realize your system.

    Global Expert in RF power amplifier systems

    SUNGSAN E&C is the world-wide specialized company in development and manufacturing of high output power amplifier, wireless communication system, EMC equipment and output power amplifier for accelerator.

    Skilled Engineers

    SUNGSAN E&C has good R&D human resources with good skills and year-long experience, leading the ultra-broadband and multi-carrier power amplifier markets.

    Technology Leader

    To fulfill Customers’ requirements,  SUNGSAN E&C provides the best RF solution with customizing products through overcoming technical problems as a technology leader.

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